PVC windows and doors

PVC windows and doors save energy considerably (in summer with cooling and in winter with heating) and they are very easy to maintain and handle. Windows made from quality PVC profiles can last for a long number of years, without visible changes. They are greatly represented on the market because they are both economical, functional and aesthetic and have low prices, being about 50% cheaper then AL carpentry.

Our PVC windows are made from five-chamber and six-chamber profiles, which ensues quality. The firmness of the windows is obtained by zinc-plated, steel reinforcement that is 1, 5 mm thick.

The most important part of the window is the thermal insulating glass. It makes 70% of the surface. The most important characteristics of the window, such as heat and sound isolation, depend mostly on the installed thermal insulating glass. A quality PVC profile combined with Clima Guard glass (glass for all four seasons), filled with argon gas, improves heat isolation up to 30%.

When it comes to opening systems, they can have turn openings or both turn and tilt openings.