PVC front doors

Today, PVC doors are very beautiful and modern and they also have excellent heat and sound isolation, all for the considerably lower price than aluminum doors.

When making these doors, it is very important how many chambers the profiles from which they are made of have, what is the width of the door leaf and of the door frame, what is the thickness of the reinforcements that is installed into the doorleaf and frame, whether the door locks are with multiple accessible points of lock, what are the fittings like. Because of the characteristics listed, prices and the quality of the PVC may vary, so by buying the cheapest product, you get a fast-deteriorating product.

The characteristics of PVC doors made by us are:

– The profiles come from a well-known German manufacturer INOUTUIC(TISAN), they can be five-chamber or six-chamber and their features are: high quality of plastic, high firmness of the profile and a very nice appearance.
– The width of the door leaf ranges from 70 mm to 76 mm (depending if its five-chamber or six-chamber)
– Stable construction of the frame and a great resistance of deformation based on steel 2 mm reinforcements.
– The fittings come from a renowned German manufacturer GU.
– A 5 lever lock has a security locking by a moving the handle upwards without a key, and then followed by a confirmation by locking with a key.
– Door filling can be out of straight or decorative PVC panels, different kinds of glass or a combination of filling and glass.

All that is listed above offers different kinds of manufacturing possibilities, which will fulfill YOUR demands. Take a look at a broad spectrum of PVC panels which we offer:

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