Aluminum windows

Aluminum, as a material of the future, fulfills all the highest standards in construction. ALU carpentry can be made of profile systems with non-repeating thermal bridges (with thermal break) or without thermal bridge (cold profile).

Systems with non-repeating thermal bridges are used on facilities which demand higher heat isolation.

Systems without non-repeating thermal bridges are used for the construction of inner elements, as well as for types of facilities where thermal isolation of the profiles isn’t an important characteristic, for an example Production halls, glass shop windows etc.

If you want windows with modern, straight and smooth lines in color of choice, then aluminum windows are the right solution. With aluminum, you can expect nothing but perfection, high thermal isolation capabilities, firmness and durability. A quality ALU window reliably protects from noise, coldness and heat by providing a profile system with non-repeating thermal bridge. The most important part of the window is the thermal isolation glass. It makes 70% of the surface. The most important characteristics of the window, such as heat and sound isolation, depend mostly on the installed thermal insulating glass. A quality PVC profile combined with Clima Guard glass (glass for all four seasons), filled with argon gas, improves heat isolation up to 30%.

ALU windows pay off economically, keeping in mind that they can last for many years (almost for life). On our market, as an ALU windows manufacturer, a Greek company ALUMIL absolutely dominates, and we use their profiles exclusively.