Aluminum front door

Alu doors are an ideal solution for business buildings, but also for residential buildings. Just like windows and doors, they are made from a profile system with non-repeating thermal bridge and without non-repeating thermal bridge.

Systems with non-repeating thermal bridge are used on facilities which demand higher heat isolation.

Systems without non-repeating thermal bridges are used for the construction of inner elements, as well as for types of facilities where thermal isolation of the profiles isn’t an important characteristic.

The construction of the massive ALU profile itself gives the firmness and the durability of the door. The doors are characterized by long-lastingness, keeping their appearance, perfect sealing and opening/closing with ease, from day one. Safety locks, special fittings and glass can additionally increase the level of security and noise protection.

They can be single-leaf, double-leaf or multiple-leaf doors and with skylights. They can also be made by your design. The layout of the glass, types of glass, combination of fillings and glass give limitless possibilities in development which will fulfil your highest demands.

Panel front door systems are an ideal solution for various situations of installment. You can take a look at a broad spectrum of decorative panels which we offer:.


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