Alu profiles


We use aluminum profile systems exclusivelyfrom the Greek company Alumil in our assortment. With over 30 years of experience, Alumil is the biggest private group in the field of production and distribution network, with a broad spectrum of aluminum profile systems.Alumil’sAluprofiles have the highest quality and are one of the most used in Europe. They count as one of the top biggest suppliers of branded al. systems that are in architectural use.

Profile systems that are used for door and window production are:

-Profiles with a thermal switch of different series (M-11000,M-11500,S350,M-300…)

These systems are used on facilities that require high heat isolation.

-Profiles without a thermal switch of different series(M-940,M-9400,M-15000,M-900,M-9050,M-9200…)

They are mostly used for the construction of inner elements, as well as for the types of facilities where thermal isolation isn’t an important characteristic.